Alotau Accord 2 signed

Incumbent Prime Minister and leader of the People’s National Congress Party, Peter O'Neill, along with eight other coalition party leaders, have just signed the Alotau Accord 2 in Milne Bay Province.

The coalition partners include:

  • People’s Progress Party
  • United Resources Party (URP)
  • Social Democratic Party (SDP)
  • People’s Party
  • Christian Development Party
  • Our Development Party
  • People’s Democratic Movement
  • United Party

O'Neill, in commending the coalition leaders, said they are confident in forming the next government tomorrow.

The total number of MPs right now is 59.

They will be making their way to Port Moresby today for the Parliament sitting tomorrow, where the Parliament Speaker and the Prime Minister will be appointed.

The Alotau Accord 2 will be used as a guide for the government in the next five years.

O’Neill said the accord will focus on strengthening the agendas of education, health and infrastructure as priority areas for the government.

Freddy Mou