Air Niugini under trying circumstances

This year the airline has had to modify its operations to accommodate failing runways in Mt Hagen and Rabaul. The runway in Mt. Hagen is being repaired for the second time this year.

This means that Air Niugini is unable to operate a conventional jet service to the city – which represents one of the busiest sectors in PNG.

PX cancels purchase of aircrafts

The aircraft were expected to arrive in September this year but didn’t eventuate as a result.

This has created disruption to travel plans being experienced by loyal and patient customers – both passenger and cargo, domestic and international.

Air Niugini management in a statement said they will not make excuses for the terrible service levels being experienced but will provide some clarity to ensure that there can be no confusion over the issues being faced by the national carrier.

Probe on aircraft incidents

On 28th October at 2.40pm, a single engine Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft, operated by Helifix, collided with an ant hill during a landing at Malam airstrip, Western Province.

The aircraft received damages mainly to the nose landing gear. No injuries were reported.

The second incident took place on 29th October at 11.03am.

A Cessna 525 Citation Jet CJ1 aircraft, operated by TropicAir, declared an emergency in flight 30 nautical miles from Port Moresby, due to an indication of smoke from the cargo compartment.

VIDEO: Military display marks independence anniversary

Thousands of local residents braved chilly conditions to line the coast and watch Sunday's display by units from Peru's army, navy and air-force.

This was a first time such a military display was held as part of independence celebrations.