53rd Medical Symposium

No progress in quality of surgery: Sapuri

In an interview with Pacific International Hospital Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Mathias Sapuri, said PNG is not developing the surgery field fast enough, compared to what’s happening to the rest of the world.

 “Our quality of surgery has not progressed too significantly over the years and without funding we cannot bring the standard of health care to another level,” says Dr. Sapuri.

He adds that while we can write lots of policies  to do things better, without the money we cannot implement anything.

Port Moresby host 53rd Medical Symposium

The theme for this year is “Access to Safe Surgery and Safe Anaesthesia” with the aim of drafting a National Surgical and Anesthetic policy at the end of the symposium.

The Symposium will be Co-Hosted by the 2017 Medical Symposium Committee, led by the Chairman Dr. Osborne Liko, and the Deputy Chairman Dr. Duncan Dobunaba.

Chairman Dr. Osborne Liko says the scientific papers in the symposium will be used by surgical and anesthetics team to formulate a national surgical and anesthetic policy.