No progress in quality of surgery: Sapuri

Funding is the bottom line to providing quality care in Papua New Guinea and the scientific field of surgery has its fair share of challenges in Papua New Guinea.

In an interview with Pacific International Hospital Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Mathias Sapuri, said PNG is not developing the surgery field fast enough, compared to what’s happening to the rest of the world.

 “Our quality of surgery has not progressed too significantly over the years and without funding we cannot bring the standard of health care to another level,” says Dr. Sapuri.

He adds that while we can write lots of policies  to do things better, without the money we cannot implement anything.

 He said what needs to be done as a nation after this medical symposium is to develop policies that will guide us on how we can progress and improve our surgical care practices for our people in PNG.

“That is not only in the general surgery care but also in women and children surgeries and all the rest.”

He adds that the only way to do that is finding new ways and one of this very important things to look at is partnerships- private, public sectors, NGO’s and churches working together.

“That is one very important way where we can look at, to improve the quality of health care in PNG.”

Annette Kora