100 Day Economic Stimulus Plan

Govt’s 100 day plan will kill off economic recovery: Kua

Kua said he was shocked to learn that Treasurer Charles Abel’s “100-Day/25 Point Plan”, which has been approved by the National Executive Council, calls for the reduction of Provincial Support Improvement Programme (PSIP) and District Support Improvement Programme grants by K886 million.

“The public has been made to believe that this was a cornerstone policy of the O’Neill Government but Abel has chosen, without the benefit of any public discussion, to virtually wipe out these initiatives in one foul stroke.

​Juffa condemns Govt’s 100 Day plan

He specifically raised concerns on the reduction of the Provincial and District Services Improvement Program funds.

He said given the situation the country is facing, such funds are the only ones available to many districts and provinces to be able to meet the shortfalls from the lack of funding from the government via the recurrent and functional grants.

However, Juffa said most of the recurrent and functional grants have never been paid to districts and provinces.

Abel warns of illegal activities from agencies

 He said that there are significant revenue from government agencies that do not reach the government coffers.

“That has to change because there is only one budget in the country and all the revenue must reach the government coffers to implement this budget.

“There is no such thing as other people, non-parliamentarian or non-executive government, conducting the business of government and running separate type of Capital on the outside, bringing in claims that the government will pay.

“Such practices must stop,” the Treasurer warned.