Yama calls for transparency on PMIZ project

Madang Governor Peter Yama has again called on the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry to explain the reasons of launching the 10 PMIZ locators in Port Moresby and not in Madang.

The Department of Commerce and Industry recently launched the PMIZ individual land titles in Port Moresby last November.

The 10 individual titles will be on the market to lease to 10 locators (tuna processing companies) within the PMIZ project site in Madang Province.

Madang Governor, Peter Yama, has raised grave concerns on the launching of the PMIZ individual titles last November in Port Moresby.

He said the titles were launched there while the project is in Madang.

The Governor claimed that the launching was not done transparently and had the wrong motive.

He added that the Madang provincial government was never consulted about the launching and called on Minister Wera Mori to come out clear and clarify his stand.

However, Minister Mori responded and told this newsroom that the PMIZ project was the Government’s initiative and that land was acquired by the State from the Catholic Church.

Mori’s response did not go down well with Yama, who said the Catholic Church 99 lease expired and the land should go back to the land owners.

He further said whatever the case, National Government is for the people, Madang Provincial Government is for the people, and the project is in Madang and not in Pom.

Meantime, Madang MP Bryan Kramer is also supporting Governor Yama and called on Minister Mori to be transparent, taking into consideration the social and environmental impact to the people in Madang and meaningful landowner participation.

Freddy Mou