Yama calls for transparency on PMIZ project

The Department of Commerce and Industry recently launched the PMIZ individual land titles in Port Moresby last November.

The 10 individual titles will be on the market to lease to 10 locators (tuna processing companies) within the PMIZ project site in Madang Province.

Madang Governor, Peter Yama, has raised grave concerns on the launching of the PMIZ individual titles last November in Port Moresby.

He said the titles were launched there while the project is in Madang.

PMIZ landowner issues delays funding from Chinese bank

Minister for State Enterprises William Duma told Parliament this week, that issues with the Provincial Government and landowners were the main obstacle delaying the completion of the project site.

Duma was responding to Bulolo MP and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil asking for the update of the PMIZ project.

Basil said plantations have been cleared but nothing has been coming forth.


PMIZ is ‘no con’ marine project says Duma

He was responding to question from Madang Governor Jim Kas in Parliament this afternoon.

 The project will be developed on 215 hectares of  land will be funded by the National Government and Exim Bank of China, with the State holding 22 percent and financier 78 percent per the 2011 agreement.

Kumul Consolidated Holdings will hold the States interest.

PMIZ will house 10 fish processing factory and employ 30,000 people when it’s fully developed.


PNG to be world leader in tuna processing: Minister

Fisheries Minister Mao Zeming revealed this at the launching of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) today in Madang.

Once fully developed PMIZ will house 10 tuna processing plants.

 "There will be a new policy next year where all fish caught in PNG waters must be processed on shore," Zeming said.

He added that currently fish taken overseas for processing denied Papua New Guineans employment.

 Currently the country loses revenue for tuna caught in the exclusive economy zone valued in the billions.

Minister promises 30,000 jobs with cannery project

The Minister for Trade, Industry and Commerce was speaking at the official launching of the PMIZ project this afternoon.

The launching at the project site at Vidar in Madang Province was witnessed by more than 2000 people.

Maru added that he was tempted to move the project to another province after four years of delay.

The delay was a result of court action instigated by landowners in the impacted areas.

"This project is the catalyst for development in Madang," Maru said.

PM O'Neill challenges project landowners

He said with the long delay to get the project off the ground it had increased the project cost.

"The cost has increased by 50 percent," O'Neill said in Madang this afternoon.

He said that with the increase in cost it meant benefits to the National Government and landowners would be delayed.

When the project was signed between the State and Exim Bank of China in 2011 it showed phase one would cost US $95 million.

The Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project will create 30,000 jobs.

PMIZ is situated close to RD Tuna Cannery at Vidar, Madang Province.

This project will be developed on 215 hectares of land.

100 hectares is designated to host canneries and 115 hectares for residential and commercial purposes.

The project was delayed for five years because of Court proceedings instigated by landowners.

In a statement today Trade Minister Richard Maru said "the PMIZ concessional loan has been extended by the China Exim Bank to pave way for the construction of the PMIZ project to start.

Ground breaking ceremony to kick start PMIZ Construction

The ground breaking ceremony will happen to tommrow (Monday) at the project site in Vidar, Madang.

The key note address and launching will be done by Prime Minster Peter O'Neill.

Once off the ground, it will see the construction of more fishing canneries.

It will increase employment and also generate income.

Minister urges colleague over controversial canneries deal

Member for Madang and Minister for Petroleum and Energy Nixon Duban told PNG Loop today that he had not been shown any of the project’s designs or plans on how they will establish the project in his electorate.

“The project is in my district and I am not aware of any of the scopings or designs by the developer of the project. I am in total darkness, and yet the project is in my place,” a confused Duban said.

Anti-PMIZ politician bids for celebrity lawyer’s help

Mr Fairweather says he has emailed famed human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, asking if he will take up the cause of Madang landowners in their dispute with the PMIZ (Pacific Marine Industrial Zone).

The MP, a member of the PPP group in government and Member for Sumkar, is named among 11 defendants in a case lodged in the court by Trade Commerce and Industry Secretary John Andrias.

Mr Andreas is seeking to prevent the defendants from meeting landowners and doing anything to hinder the US$300 million fisheries project.