Teachers resume

The 2021 academic calendar began on Monday, January 25th, with the teachers’ resumption of duties whilst students will begin classes the following Monday.

For Morobe, its provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, says teachers should be filling in their resumption of duty summary (RODS) forms starting on January 25th to the 29th.

Tangui stressed that teachers should be in school, considering appointments were made and endorsed by the Provincial Education Board last year. The postings were then published on November 2020 and put up at the Tutumang noticeboard as well as distributed to outside districts.

“All the teachers are supposed to be in school, they should be filling in their RODS, their personal information, some receipts; all forms are to be filled starting today up to Friday,” he stated.

Inspectors have already started checking up on schools to ensure that teachers are where they are supposed to be.

“The names and numbers that I have on the appointment list here, they are at school. Crosscheck the position number, the file number, everything to make sure the officer is there and they fill in their RODS.”

Apart from filling in their resumption forms, Tangui said the appointment of respective head teachers, grade and subject allocation and delegation of responsibilities will all have to be made this week as well.

“And by next week, which is the first of February, all the students will come in and lessons will start on Monday.”

(Teachers checking their postings at Tutumang yesterday)

Carmella Gware