Suspended police officer goes on rampage

A disgruntled police officer went on a drunken rampage last night at the Gordon’s Police Station in Port Moresby.

Officers at the Gordon’s Police Station reported that they were alerted to the incident at around 11pm yesterday (June 25th).

By the time they got to the station, the scene that greeted them was one of chaos; at least three doors were forced ajar with the door knobs pulled off, chairs were strewn about and louvre blades were shattered.

“He attacked the police station and wilfully damaged the doors and all the windows in the police station. He’s now apprehended as well. And once he gets sober, he will be arrested, just like the other two.”

Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou was referring to the June 25th arrest of a police officer for aiding the escape of a criminal on the 5th of June. The detainee was a former PNG Defence Force soldier who was involved in the attack of an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor in 2018, but was recently apprehended for another offence.

Another former police officer was also arrested on the 25th of June for attacking a police station commander.

“Second person arrested yesterday was an ex-police officer who was already terminated, and because he was not happy with his termination, he went to the airport police station and attacked police station commander there, who with the help of other policemen, arrested him and he’s now in the cell,” stated N’Dranou.

N’Dranou says within the space of two days, two officers and a former staff were apprehended, adding they will press ahead and arrest any police officer involved in illegal or unethical conduct.  

“Any police officer involved in illegal activities is not a policeman; he’s a criminal. And that’s my warning. And I keep reiterating that I will do my utmost best – given the right facts are provided by the public or whoever that found our police officers not behaving according to the laws – we will have them arrested and terminated.”

Carmella Gware