Shopping mall maintains high security alert

On a slow day, an average of fourteen to fifteen thousand people go through Vision City, the biggest shopping mall in Port Moresby.

There is a possibility that one of those people, may be someone on the run or wanted by law.

There's also a slight chance of a missing person or vehicle entering the vicinity.

Vision City Management has raised its hand to help the police with such cases.

The parties have initiated a move to fully utilize the mega mall's upgraded security system in place to identify people or specific information needed by the police.

Vision City has 112 CCTV's in place, 6 of which are special Pan-tilt-zoom cameras, strategically placed around the mall.

These cameras are of high resolution, can zoom in to an object 400 meters away, and has very good facial recognition and playback capability.

Going forward, each section of the police, will feed necessary information like names and photos to the mall's security to be stored onto the security database.

"When we identify anyone/thing of the given description, we will bring to our police post to be dealt with," said Sevanaia Koroi - security manager.

Establishing a police post at the gate entrance was the first step the mall took in Nov 1, 2016, to assist and ensure the safety of its customers.

Six weeks ago, VC began upgrading its security system, which should be fully upgraded in the next two weeks.

"Police have been doing all the hard work and we thought we should help. So this is not only for the mall and its customers safety, it's a necessary step to rid the streets off this unwanted people," Koroi said.

He guaranteed the security system was the best in the country.

The Crime Investigation Division section were the first to meet with the mall's security today.

This bold move was praised by the CID representative Sgt Anthony Hukuambari.

"Security should be everyone's concern. Every stakeholder must rise up and work together. I hope other private companies and organizations come up with such initiative where we can link up and help each other," he said.

Gloria Bauai