Shop owner injures robbery suspect

A suspect, who was shot by a Chinese shop owner following an attempted robbery on Saturday in Lae, is still nursing his wounds at the Angau general hospital.

The man and two other suspects were apprehended by the Lae police and will be facing charges related to the armed robbery.

The wounded suspect was identified as a man from Yangoru, East Sepik, while the other two are from Morobe Province.

They are all from the Miles area in Lae.

The Lae metropolitan superintendent, commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said the three men were part of at least a ten-man gang armed with machetes and home-made guns.

The group had attempted to rob the shop but they did not anticipate that the owner would have a pistol.

A shot from one of the gang members wounded the Chinese national, who then retaliated and fired at the group, wounding the said suspect who is now in the hospital.

The suspect was shot on his shoulder with a 9-millimetre pistol.

The gang attempted to escape in the shop owner’s vehicle, but it would not start.

They then proceeded to escape on foot, but not before the three suspects, including the wounded, were apprehended by the Police sector patrol units, who were alerted by the public via the toll free number.

The suspects were apprehended when they were pursued by the SRU with assistance from ESS Security.

The Chinese shop owner is in stable condition and receiving treatment for the wound received, mainly from bullet pellets.

Imelda Wavik