Rigo gets one new LLG

Rigo District will now have four LLG Presidents in the 2018 Local Level Government Elections.

Returning Officer for Rigo District Virgil Waisa said the district established a fourth LLG last year due to the large land mass and increasing population.

Rigo District has a total area of   5,072 km2 and a total population of 56,509 from the 2011 National Census.

The current three districts are Rigo Central Rural, Rigo Coastal Rural and Rigo Inland Rural.

Rigo Inland has been split into two LLGs called Rigo North and Rigo East.

Waisa said with the establishment of the new LLG, basic services and development projects can be delivered faster.   

He said however in the 2017 National Elections, candidates who have nominated will not be able to utilize this new LLG. They will use the 3 existing ones.

After the 2018 LLG elections, candidates will then nominate for the 2022 National Elections under the four LLGs, Rigo Central Rural, Rigo Coastal Rural, Rigo North and Rigo East.

Quintina Naime