Police want Tatana law breakers identified

Police have reaffirmed their stance on the Tatana case relating to the death of the late rugby league star, Kato Ottio.

They do want the locals to take the matter and law into their own hands.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, made this clear during another brief on Tuesday.

The cause of death has been determined medically by the appropriate authorities and the case is now before the coroner.

The police boss has warned not to accuse innocent people of sorcery as the cause of the late rugby star’s death.

“I reiterate that there is no scientific or medical evidence to show that this was the man who killed the late rugby player. It is wrong and will not be accepted by law or the police.”

A meeting will be held by the police to talk with the elders of the village to identify and bring in those people involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, the tortured victim has been separated and taken to safety away from the village.

N’Dranou said if the villagers cooperate and bring forward those responsible for his torture, police will deal with them accordingly under the rule of law.

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Annette Kora