Kato Ottio

NRL: Ahulo Ottio thanks the Canberra Raiders for emotional tribute to Kato Ottio

The Ottio family is still grieving over the loss of a son and brother that would have celebrated his 24th birthday on Tuesday, March 20.

Moments after the Canberra Raiders suffered defeat at the hands of the Newcastle Knights at Canberra Stadium on Sunday, the two clubs combined to pay tribute to Ottio.

Ottio died of heatstroke in January, two days before he was due to fly to England to join the Super League's Widnes Vikings.

Over K20,000 raised for Kato Ottio

The Trust Fund was set up to fulfil late Ottio’s dream of building a house for his mum.

Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka said as of last Friday February 9, 2018, there was K20,225.24.

“Contributions ranging from K5 to K100 have been deposited into the account and we are more than grateful for your kind hearts and generosity.”

He said the closing date has been extended to 12pm, Friday February 23, 2018. A bank cheque will be raised after the account is closed.


Police want Tatana law breakers identified

They do want the locals to take the matter and law into their own hands.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, made this clear during another brief on Tuesday.

The cause of death has been determined medically by the appropriate authorities and the case is now before the coroner.

The police boss has warned not to accuse innocent people of sorcery as the cause of the late rugby star’s death.

Vikings to wear tribute throughout campaign

The Club was approached by senior team members who wanted to show respect for their fallen teammate.

In response, a special ‘Kato 18’ shirt transfer has been created, which will be worn near the heart of the players’ shirts.

With a distinctive yellow and red design, in honour of the traditional colour of the Kumuls playing strip, the transfer is a fitting tribute to the late PNG international.

MKRL thanks late Ottio

Chairman of the MKRL, Dae Boe, said this during his tribute at the funeral service this week at Tatana.

“The MKRL owes it to Kato’s advice. He always told me to never give up and keep pushing this concept on to keep developing.

“We took his advice and successfully completed a full season just last year.”

Boe said Ottio will never be forgotten and is a role model for all Motu Koitabuans.

“To all Motu Koitabuans, Kato Ottio left behind a legacy of humbleness and respect and to always strive to do your best.

“Let us follow this.” 

Vikings' DVD features Ottio tribute

All funds from sales of this video will support the fundraiser to assist the late Ottio’s family.

English rugby league club, Widnes Vikings, have really gone beyond the gesture of kindness, showing their deep affection for the rising Kumul player’s death.

Ottio was signed up by the English super league club following his superb performance at the Rugby League World Cup 2017 on home soil. Sadly, he passed away.

Ottio family thanks PNG

Speaking on behalf of the family yesterday afternoon, a relative from Kato’s mother’s side, Opao Udia, said Kato’s family will forever be thankful.

“I’d like to take this time to say thank you.

“Particularly to the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, who was the first to send his condolences, the PNG Rugby Football League, the PNG Kumuls coach, Michael Marum, the Hunters and Kumuls players plus the Widnes Vikings and Canberra Raiders.


Funeral procession for Ottio deferred

In statement released this afternoon, the PNGRFL said: “Late Kato Ottio's final journey to Tatana did not proceed this afternoon as planned following some disgruntled relatives disputing his final resting place, among other things, at the gates of the funeral home.

“Kato's eldest brother, Henry Ottio, who flew in from America yesterday, spoke to the disgruntled persons but they stood firm and threatened to close the gate until their demands were properly addressed.

Family dispute, Ottio’s body remains at funeral home

Tempers flared this afternoon, forcing funeral home securities to lock the gates, thwarting today's program to take Ottio's body back home to Tatana under police escort.

Crowds have gathered outside the funeral home with police on standby to maintain order.

Families from the Koiari and Tatana side are meeting now to reach an amicable solution.

The PNG Rugby Football League will be releasing a statement shortly.

(A crowd gathering outside the funeral home)

Ottio to be taken home today

Ottio’s brother, Ahulo, said the body with a convoy of vehicles will pass through Hanuabada and Baruni village before heading home to Tatana, where he will spend his last night.

Ottio will be laid to rest tomorrow at the Tatana cemetery.