Police officer arrested for murder

A police officer who was arrested and charged for the murder of a man at Erima Wildlife last year has appeared for mention at the Waigani Committal Court.

44-year-old Steven Numbos of Kragut village, Wewak, East Sepik province, went before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli on Wednesday. His charge was read and explained to him before his case was adjourned for another month, to give police crime investigators time to investigate allegations against him.

Charged with wilful murder on Dec 30, 2016, police allege Numbos shot a man, known to the court as Ija Mulugu, using a high-powered rifle.

It is alleged he pushed the deceased into a drain at the side of the road at the Erima Wildlife settlement on July 22, 2016, after he shot him twice. The man died instantly.

The incident allegedly took place between 3.30 and 4pm after he, in the company of other police officers, chased a suspected stolen motor vehicle, a blue utility Toyota Land Cruisier.

Summary of facts before court states that CID homicide members’ investigations revealed the vehicle chased was not a stolen motor vehicle but was involved in smuggling betelnut into the city.

Numbos denied his involvement in the shooting when he was arrested. He remains in custody due to the seriousness of the charge.

Bail in this case can only be allowed by the National Court as the District Court does not have jurisdiction to grant bail for defendants charged with wilful murder.

Sally Pokiton