Police claim governor’s involvement in looting

The Governor for Eastern Highlands Province, Peter Numu, is potentially facing a number of criminal charges.

This follows an estimated K1 million in damages at one of the province’s largest supermarkets.

The Bintangor Supermarket, which is owned by Simon Sia, who is also the election petitioner against the young leader, was ransacked last Thursday by looters and opportunists.

According to police, the young leader was involved.

It was reported that around 4pm, the Governor entered the supermarket on Thursday, heavily escorted by outside police officers.

He allegedly gave directives for shoppers to get a rice bag each, which added up to K5,000.

However, the governor was reportedly unable to make the payment as a couple of tries from his bank cards proved to be unsuccessful.

It was alleged that he walked out of the shop, stating only that payment would be done by Friday, with a cheque delivered to the shop.

Police confirmed that this then led to opportunists and those who already got goods to loot the shop.

Helpless staff stood by as opportunists walked off with merchandise.

Police say charges may be laid against the governor.

Numu was contacted but would not comment on the matter.

Imelda Wavik