PMGH Investigates Anaesthetics

Port Moresby General Hospital’s (PMGH) clinical audit team is investigating deaths of four people on Thursday 12th of August 2021, preliminarily believed to be related to the administration of a batch of anaesthetic.

To ensure that the root cause is identified, the Minister of Health Jelta Wong, will sanction an independent Investigating Committee with clear Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference will be directed towards identifying the root cause(s) to clearly establish the exact cause of death.

This statement is released following meetings with the grieving relatives of the four families whose lives have sadly been impacted by the death of a loved one following surgery. The thoughts and prayers of the Hospital Board and Management are with the parents and relatives at this time of sorrow. 

PMGH said their paramount responsibility as a hospital is to save lives. Their doctors, nurses and frontline health workers swore an oath to save and preserve lives and do everything within their capacity to ensure that patients presenting to the hospital are safe.

The events on August 12 were shocking and traumatizing, not only for the relatives and the public, but also to the staff of PMGH.

PMGH Board and Management said they will ensure the investigation is thorough in order to assist the grieving parents and relatives to deal with the untimely loss of their loved ones and to provide some comfort and closure.

Hospital staff directly involved in managing the patients will also want to seek comfort through understanding the outcome of the investigation.

Meantime, PMGH Chief Executive Officer Paki Molumi said: “I urge the media and public using social media platforms to refrain from further comments which are unhelpful for the grieving relatives and the hard-working staff of PMGH who continue to provide services under difficult circumstances. The results of the investigation, including any lessons learned, will be made known to the grieving families and the public once established.”

Press Release