Princess Anne officiates at PMGH & St. Johns Ambulance

The Princess Royal was received by Katherine Johnson, PMGH Deputy Chairman, and hospital CEO Dr. Paki Molumi, to open the National Cardiac Diagnostic Centre.

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne while on tour of the hospital was invited to unveil a plaque signifying the opening of the National Cardiac Diagnostic Centre.

The Port Moresby General Hospital is regarded as a level 7 teaching and referral hospital in the country that employs about 1500 plus workers, including doctors, nurses, administration and facilities.

PMGH Investigates Anaesthetics

To ensure that the root cause is identified, the Minister of Health Jelta Wong, will sanction an independent Investigating Committee with clear Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference will be directed towards identifying the root cause(s) to clearly establish the exact cause of death.

CPL Gifts Children’s Cancer Ward

This is their first monthly donation of wet wipes to the Cancer Unit.

CPL Foundation Coordinator Regil Wanwanji commended the partnership between CPL and PMGH.

“We are very grateful to support various communities and POMGEN is one (facility) that we have been supporting by supplying garden food and protein for frontline workers and patients amidst corona (the) crisis.

“We are proud to be working with Friends of POMGEN to facilitate donations towards the Hospital,” Wanwanji said.

Two Face Possible Amputation

No deaths were reported.

The accident involved a 25-seater shuttlebus full of primary school children who live at the housing estate at Boera, Central Province.

Most of the children escaped with bruises and minor injuries, but the condition of at least seven of them was serious.

An eight-year-old-boy was among them. He lost a lower limb and was scheduled to undergo surgery today.

At the Emergency Ward, most were nursing minor physical injuries but were still visibly in shock and were being comforted by their parents and families.

Nursing, A Noble Profession

During the recent International Nurses Day celebration, a lot was said about the roles and responsibilities of nurses but most of all nursing officers were thanked and acknowledged by their superiors in the profession.

Nurses are seen as the assistants to medical officers in the health field, however in PNG it is usually a nurse or a community health worker who is on end to provide healthcare, especially in remote rural communities.

Sr. Carol Hosea, Director of Nursing at Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) was among those, who advocated for better support to nurses.

International nurse day

World Nurses day falls on the 12th of May every year to also commemorate the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the lady of light who brought light into the nursing career to what it is today.

Nurses came in different colours depicting the many changes in their uniforms over the years since the beginning of modern day nursing since 1965.

General Secretary for the PNG Nurses Association, Gibson Siune talked about the important role of a nurse.


TAIC opened to start taking patients

Yesterday, an agreement was signed between the St John Ambulance, the NCD Provincial Health Authority, the Port Moresby General Hospital, and the Health Department, to seal this joint effort in the monitoring and recovery process of COVID-19 positive patients.

The TAIC will relieve the Port Moresby General Hospital and the Rita Flynn Isolation facility, of patients who are recovering from COVID-19.

​Wounded students recovering: PMGH

Muddle, in a statement, said these male students were wounded by gunshots following a clash between students and police on Wednesday at UPNG’s main Waigani campus.

The three students are recovering at the surgical (intensive care unit) 2C ward under close supervision of doctors and nurses; while the primary school student admitted in the ward was scheduled to undergo surgery on his right foot yesterday.

Muddle emphasised that there are no deaths of students after the alleged police shooting at the campus.

The importance of getting enough calcium in your diet

Calcium is essential for building and maintaining bone. About 99 percent of the calcium in our bodies is in our bones and teeth.

Calcium combines with other minerals to form hard crystals that give your bones strength and structure. In addition to building bones and keeping them healthy, calcium assists in muscle contraction, transmission of nervous system messages, heart rate regulation, blood clotting, enzyme activity and production and activity of hormones involved in digestion, energy and fat metabolism.