O’Neill responds to Pruaitch

The major party in the coalition government has been fair to all its partners.

Prime Minister and parliamentary leader for the People’s National Congress Party, Peter O’Neill, made this comment on Wednesday.               

He was referring to statements by Treasury Minister and National Alliance parliamentary leader, Patrick Pruaitch, who has been criticising the running of the economy and funding of the 2017 National Election.

“We have a very good relationship with individual party members of all these parties for over 5 years,” O’Neill told Loop PNG.   

“It is the individual leaders’ ambition and egos, people have to understand.”

Recently, Pruaitch said he was shocked to learn last Friday that the police force only received K8 million of its K121 million budget allocation for election operations.

“We are two weeks into the election campaign and our police force should by now have been fully deployed to ensure that a free, fair and safe national election will be delivered by the time polling ends in July,” he said.

“How can the police have their logistics in place when adequate funding is not flowing through?”

NA is the second largest party in the O’Neill-Dion coalition government, after PNC.      

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Charles Yapumi