Madang teachers still await postings list

Teachers in Madang Province will know where they will teach by the week’s end, or early next week.

In a phone interview with Madang’s Director for Education Moses Sariki, besides the delay in teachers’ postings, they also have outstanding issues on teachers leave fares and grade nine selections. Mr Sariki said lack of funding from the provincial government has hindered them from completing these processes.

Mr Saraki said the Provincial Education Division wrote to the provincial government asking for funding and is still waiting. Hence posting was not done quickly. The documentation on teachers postings have to be brought to Port Moresby for the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and the Secretary for Education to sign off on and certify before they are released to teachers.

Mr Sariki has apologized to teachers serving in Madang, for the delay as some have travelled long distances into Madang Town to follow up. This has cost them a lot of time and money.

A teacher from Ramu who was at the education office, said teachers have been traveling to town since the beginning of this year to enquire about their posting but to date, nothing has been forthcoming. He said it is a very expensive exercise to travel in and out, only to be told there is nothing for them to see.

In the meantime, Sariki assured the teachers that a member of the Provincial Education Division will be flying to Port Moresby with the postings list to get approval from the TSC Chairman this week.

He said the grade nine selection is also late, and they have not been able to publish the list. He has apologized for keeping parents and students in suspense.

“I have been sidelined since November 13, 2021 but I am still following up on the queries of the teachers and the students to make sure that Madang Province start this academic year on a good note. I really like how the Morobe provincial government and its elected MP from each electorate are working together. I wish the same happens in Madang, so they can assist us when we need help,” he said.

Sylvester Wemuru