Lae secondary exceeds Grade 9 quota

The Lae Secondary School is expecting a large number of Grade Nine students for the 2021 academic year.

Principal Christopher Raymond said the school has exceeded its quota.

“For this year, I requested for 550 Grade 9s but the selection process gave me 613, which is 63 over my quota,” he stated.

“While I already have 63 over, many parents are still requesting space to transfer their children and this is becoming stressful, trying to meet parents’ requests.”

The principal said this is why registration is an important process that students and parents must adhere to, adding Thursday 28th January and Friday 29th are registration dates for Lae secondary students.

“The registration process will at least assist me in knowing if some students have not registered and after two weeks or so, I can be able to give their space to the extra 63 students and hope all are sorted out. Any others requesting space will not be attended to until all formally selected students are sorted out.”

Whilst teachers resumed duties on Monday, January 25th, formal classes will begin on Monday, February 1st, for all students nationwide.

“We want our Grades 10 and 12 to immediately start as they only have two assessable terms and 1 other term to complete their required syllabus, that is, only three terms of schooling,” outlined the principal.

“They need to start on time, cover all requirements within time and prepare well for final examinations. Challenges are high and tertiary selection opportunities are tough and even scary so we would like to have a good head start to ensure we prepare them well.

“Grade 9 and 11 will have four terms, that is, they have more time or the full year to complete their required syllabus.”

(Lae Secondary School principal, Christopher Raymond)

Carmella Gware