Graduating students barred from entering campus

A number of graduating students have been barred today from entering the University of Papua New Guinea’s Waigani campus.

One of the students told Loop PNG that he was told he might cause a riot, hence the security measure.

“The decision by the university and their reactions towards students’ concern and affairs is unbecoming of a leader.

“We expected more from them,” he said.

The graduating students have been pursuing the administration to justify the recently imposed K600 graduation fee, which does not include costs of the gown (more than K300) and hood (more than K200).

However, Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said: “If they are continuing students they should be registering but if they are graduating students, they will graduate on the 28th of July. Graduation is not tomorrow or this month.

“It’s not an urgent thing that somebody needs to be jumping up and down for.”

He says the graduands should know how to properly address an issue.

“They cannot do the mob rule as they did in 2016,” states Dr Mann.

Carmella Gware