ENB police praised for effective lockdown

East New Britain police officers have been commended for their outstanding efforts in maintaining the extended 14-day lockdown in spite of limited resources.

Police officers from Kerevat and Tomaringa have been manning the New Britain Highway on a 24-hour basis since the commencement of the lockdown on January 8th. Apart from the highway, the police personnel have been monitoring the sea as well.

The Inland Baining local Level Government, under the Gazelle District Administrator, John Wartovo, carried out surveillance and conducted awareness within the main COVID-19 checkpoint at Vunapalading and Open Bay.

The team noted that the Local Level Government health officer, Vunais Leba, and police personnel from Kerevat and Island Mobile Squad gave their all to secure the vast area of Inland Baining despite limited support.

The team reported that passenger boats that breached the restrictions were impounded and their owners charged while the trading of buai in and out of ENB was put on hold.

“We highly commend the good work imposed by Island Mobile Squad Sergeant Mark Satra and Alois Buasin, alongside Kerevat Police Constable Christopher Iwais.  My people of Gazelle District and ENBP do appreciate the commitment and hard work by the COVID team. It was outstandingly the best.”

According to the provincial advisory committee chairman, Wilson Matava, there is a total ban on travelling commencing January 8th and ending on January 21st.

However, there is a possibility of the lockdown getting further extension due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the New Guinea Islands. January 19th statistics from the Office of the Controller revealed that West New Britain has 162 cases, East New Britain 30 and New Ireland 18.

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