Education Minister clarifies teachers' 'pay-cut' claims

Education Minister Nick Kuman says claims by teachers and reports of teacher’s pay being cut in the last three fortnights is not a “pay-cut."

He explained that it is a stop to the lump sum which was back-dated to January last year,  following the 3 percent pay rise, effective June 20, which was pay 13.

The country’s 65,000 teachers received a 3 percent pay rise, effective June 20 this year, which was Pay number 13.

Minister Kuman reiterated that the teachers had been paid lump sum backdated to January 1, 2017, however, last fortnight, September 26, some teachers had their pay cut, up to K200.

He further explained that this was not a pay cut but the lump sum, coming to an end.

“Pay 20 is normal salary while the lump sum has come to an end”

He said according to the three percent pay increase agreement, lump sum would be terminated on pay number 17.

While teachers queried the pay issue, those in the provinces have been charged up to K20 by the respective Education offices to get a print out of their payslip.

Some have even not turned up at schools due to the pay issue.

Sally Pokiton