Criminals in Madang warned

Madang Police operation named “Kisim Bek Hangu Panu, Sain Habe” started on 1st of December 2023 and will run through to the 31st of January 2024.

It will be coordinated by Police with support from the Defense Force and Correctional Service.

The 2nd of December marked the launching of the Christmas and New Year’s police operations for Madang Province at the Bates Oval.

The official opening was launched by Governor Ramsey Pariwa and witnessed by Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim, Provincial Administrator Frank Lau, distinguished stakeholders, agencies and the general public.

PPC Acting Superintendent Baim called on the district and local leaders and the general public to rise up and support police throughout the duration of the operations. He stated that police, despite limited resources, worked to full capacity and even overtime to ensure law and order is maintained within the Province.

The current situation at hand at the moment, is seeing very young kids, primary aged children as young as 10 years old, committing crimes such as murder and theft. These young criminals are being labelled as ‘Baby Raskols’.

PPC Baim also called out to the ‘Baby Raskols’ to think carefully before advancing onto an offence, as once any of them are caught, family eviction will be exercised on them.

Governor Pariwa elaborated that the increase in law and order situation in Madang is due to the influx of a mixture of people, the influence of knowledge or having too much knowledge and the introduction of new cultures being integrated into the original culture of indigenous Madang people, resulting in attitude and social problems.

The Governor admitted that there is an escalation of law and order problems and that the level of crimes committed in the province has reached an unprecedented level, being that every day and everywhere, there are reports of crime and killing.

“There is no respect for the sanctity of human life. Nogat moa respect long life blong narapla man, ol treatim life blong narapla man olsem animal. People are being butchered and slaughtered like animal yu laik kukim na kaikai,” said Pariwa.

The Governor stated that the operation will be aggressive to ensure peace during the festive period. He said law and order is everybody’s business but it all starts when there is a breakdown of discipline in the home. 

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