Basil questions logging on island

The National Government continues to invade people's resources while the local people miss out in revenues and benefits.

Deputy Opposition Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil made the statement after seeing recent pictures of logging activities on Siassi Island, Morobe Province.

“It is surprising to continue to see the little island of Siassi being continued to be logged,” said Basil.

“What benefits have those logging operations brought back to the Siassi Islanders? Can the LLG President make some enquiries to the National Forest Authority (NFA) to see if this project is supported by the Morobe Provincial Government and his LLG?

“If we continue to log all the trees out of Siassi Island then they will just have a bare island with nothing on to sustain their environment.”

Basil said the pictures show a ship full of logs ready to sail up north and also a log pond.

“This clearly shows that the logging projects are active and alive on the island of Siassi.”

(Pictures: Thomas Keindip)

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