Baki responds to Singirok regarding American firm

The Police Commissioner says the move to invite the American-based security company is within the Police Force Act.

This comes after comments made on ABC News by former PNG Defence Force head, Jerry Singirok.

Singirok reportedly said the Police Commissioner doesn't have the authority to engage foreign nationals without parliamentary approval, or that of the National Executive Council.

“Jerry Singirok has no right to talk about the Police Force Act because he is not a police officer and he is not the defence force commander or even the police commissioner,” Baki said.

He said no one should be talking about the *Sandline crisis as being part of this as he was one of the remnants of those people who had dealt with the infamous event.

“RPNGC is the only organisation that upheld the constitution during the Sandline crisis. No other organisation did and this has got nothing to do with Sandline,” stated the commissioner.  

“Sandline was different; we brought the Sandline in to kill our own people and to destroy a legitimate government.”

Baki reiterated that his decision aims to upskill the Royal PNG Constabulary, which has the responsibility to serve the country.

*In 1997, the Government, under the leadership of Sir Julius Chan, contracted mercenaries from Sandline International to permanently end the Bougainville Conflict. However, backlash from the decision resulted in Chan’s resignation as protests and looting took over the streets of Port Moresby.

Annette Kora