Laurence Aviation & Security Group

Baki responds to Singirok regarding American firm

This comes after comments made on ABC News by former PNG Defence Force head, Jerry Singirok.

Singirok reportedly said the Police Commissioner doesn't have the authority to engage foreign nationals without parliamentary approval, or that of the National Executive Council.

“Jerry Singirok has no right to talk about the Police Force Act because he is not a police officer and he is not the defence force commander or even the police commissioner,” Baki said.

​Baki dispels rumours of expatriates’ deportation

In an interview this morning, Baki told media that the five expatriates from the American-based security company, Laurence Aviation & Security Group, are still in the country.

They have been stood down from activities but they will remain in the country until the commissioner has completed the proclaimed process.

“15 more will be coming in if the agreement goes through to fully engage them in their line of work,” says Baki.

​American firm will train elite team: Baki

Police Commissioner Gari Baki revealed that the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is currently engaged in discussions with Laurence Aviation & Security Group.

He made this comment following speculations made on an internet blog site over the engagement of the Americans.

Laurence Aviation & Security Group is an American based company that offers high-end security solutions to its customers globally, including the United States Government. It is staffed by former American military and police personnel.