Sandline Crisis

Baki responds to Singirok regarding American firm

This comes after comments made on ABC News by former PNG Defence Force head, Jerry Singirok.

Singirok reportedly said the Police Commissioner doesn't have the authority to engage foreign nationals without parliamentary approval, or that of the National Executive Council.

“Jerry Singirok has no right to talk about the Police Force Act because he is not a police officer and he is not the defence force commander or even the police commissioner,” Baki said.

Forgotten warriors need to be rememebered

PNGDF is part and parcel  of the Bougainville peace process but their members are often forgotten when an ex combatant meeting is held on Bougainville.

A former soldier, Lance Corporal Gordon Quito Atona, who was with 1RPIR Bravo Company, shared his thoughts on the situation with Loop PNG.  Lance Corporal Atona is rare, because he comes from Panguna where it all started and coming back to fight with his brothers in the name of the PNG Government made him like the meat in a sandwich.