Long queues for crazy Christmas specials

The crazy Christmas specials at grocery shops have shoppers lining up to get them before they run out.

Goods like rice, bread, lamb flaps, cartons of soft drinks and ham are selling fast at the shops, with just two days left before Christmas.

Loop PNG visited RH Hypermart, Stop N Shop, Brian Bell and TST Supermarket and witnessed a flood of shoppers in long queues at counters.

Almost all food stuff are on specials as well as white goods, toys and Christmas decorations.

Loop PNG witnessed 100 bags of 10kg rice get sold out within a minute!

The customers had to wait in line to collect the rice bags straight from the container at the back of the shop.

A mother and a youth, who rushed to grab three bags of rice each, say they are satisfied with the specials as it saved them a lot of money.

The shop managers revealed that they have stocked up well for Christmas, unlike previous years where they ran out of stock.

Quintina Naime