Brian Bell

Kulau the cuscus

The black spotted Cuscus is the largest sized cuscus species in PNG, and it can be found throughout the North Coast Ranges, from Madang over to West Papua. 

It can weigh as much as 7kg and grow to a length of 64cm. 

These nocturnal marsupials can specifically be identified through the black spot on its rump. 

The population numbers for the black spotted cuscus are quickly depleting to dangerously low levels through various human activities including logging, gardening and being hunted for food or fur.

Brian Bell Customer Credit Scheme

In addition to the renewal of the Brian Bell/FinCorp partnership, there have been significant changes to the partnership arrangements which will have immense benefits for Brian Bell customers.


The significant changes are:

NASFUND and Brian Bell continue discount program

NASFUND members will continue to receive a 15% discount on the purchase of goods at any Brian Bell shops throughout PNG.

The Agreement was signed between NASFUND CEO, Ian Tarutia and Brian Bell Group of Companies CEO, Cameron Mackellar

Over K500,000 per month is saved by members through the membership discount program.

"We thank Brian Bell Group of Companies for the partnership in providing NASFUND members an added benefit through the discount program." NASFUND CEO - Ian Tarutia.

Brian Bell plans major transformation

The organisation is refurbishing and transforming a new space into a shopping centre and lifestyle hub.

The Brian Bell Home Centre property was built in 2008.

It is adjacent to the existing warehouse, which is in the process of being redeveloped.

Brian Bell says to open its new attachment around March 2020, which will hold up to 18 tenancies with a mixture of services and traders.


Brian Bell gives to Hanuabada

“This is a small gesture from Brian Bell as a way to assist the affected families who lost their homes and livelihoods.

“It’s an important step in helping to rebuild their lives,” said chief executive officer, Cameron Mackellar.

Mackellar said the vouchers can be used at any Brian Bell centre to purchase anything.

Co-chair of the Hanuabada Village Fire Appeal, Dadi Toka Jr, thanked Brian Bell for their support, saying it will go a long way.

Mother-of-six, Rarua Tau, added on saying Brian Bell’s assistance was a real blessing.

Long queues for crazy Christmas specials

Goods like rice, bread, lamb flaps, cartons of soft drinks and ham are selling fast at the shops, with just two days left before Christmas.

Loop PNG visited RH Hypermart, Stop N Shop, Brian Bell and TST Supermarket and witnessed a flood of shoppers in long queues at counters.

Almost all food stuff are on specials as well as white goods, toys and Christmas decorations.

Loop PNG witnessed 100 bags of 10kg rice get sold out within a minute!

The customers had to wait in line to collect the rice bags straight from the container at the back of the shop.

Brian Bell opens new centre at Vision City

The centre opens its doors to the customers today.

With many developments happening around the city, Vision City is truly the people's choice for doing their shopping.

Apart from Brian Bell, other smaller shops also opened. Most of the shops are the restaurants.