Everyday People: Sir Buri Kidu

Born on August 8 in 1945, Sir Buri Kidu of Central heritage was an amazing father to his six wonderful children and husband to his extraordinary wife Dame Carol Kidu.

Sir Buri was born a true leader and this he showed in how well he looked after his family and his people. He was a man of principle and of a stout demeanor that kept the judicial system proudly on its feet during his term.

Buri had met Carol at a fitness camp when they were in high school. He attended Toowoomba Grammar School where he was the first PNG student appointed senior prefect and then School Captain. Carol attended the Sandgate High School.

At a young age, Carol moved to Papua New Guinea and married Sir Buri, the man who became the country’s first Chief Justice from 1980 to 1994.

The couple brought up their children in Pari village where Carol faced the challenges of transitioning from the life she formerly knew in Australia to a traditional village life. With the support of her mother in law, her children and her love for Buri, she managed to get by each day.

Buri once told Carol when they first met, “I have a purpose and I came here to study and help my country and perform my duty when I return. Should you ask me to choose between my country and you, I have and I am and I will always choose my country.”

The country mourned his passing on 30 January 1994, where he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 48, five months after his term of office as Chief Justice had elapsed.

In memory of him, his wife Dame Carol Kidu and their children with the help of other amazing human beings opened the Sir Buri Kidu Heart foundation, which has helped many Papua New Guineans for many years.

Carol Kidu