Dame Carol Kidu

Dame Carol Kidu receives well deserved award

She was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in January 2005 and in February 2009, where she was made a knight of the Légion d'honneur by France, for "her dedication to helping women, young girls, children, the physically and mentally impaired and her commitment to fighting discrimination".

She is the first citizen of Papua New Guinea ever to receive this award, she accepted the award on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Mentorship To Female Politicians

The Academy is a partnership between UN Women and the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG). Dame Carol encouraged women to work with men as allies as they seek to advance their political careers.

“Let men be your allies on gender equality issues. It is important to see our male counterparts as partners in development. We should work with men. If you find one opposing your ideas on gender equality, walk to another one and get him to see and understand your view,” she Dame Carol.

Treat Women Equally: Dame Carol

Dame Kidu made this call while meeting with the first cohort of women attending the Leadership Academy for women at the Pacific Institute for Leadership and Governance (PILAG) in Waigani. Dame Kidu made the following statement which was endorsed by the women from 11 provinces.

Everyday People: Sir Buri Kidu

Sir Buri was born a true leader and this he showed in how well he looked after his family and his people. He was a man of principle and of a stout demeanor that kept the judicial system proudly on its feet during his term.

Buri had met Carol at a fitness camp when they were in high school. He attended Toowoomba Grammar School where he was the first PNG student appointed senior prefect and then School Captain. Carol attended the Sandgate High School.

New library for Taurama

The Sir Buri Kidu Library will also serve as a resource, learning, training and community development centre.

Two months ago, Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra revealed the decline in public libraries from 22 in 1975 to only 6 now in operation.

With the ultimate aim of upgrading information centres, promoting English as first language amongst students, having a more informed populace and eliminating illiteracy, Dame Carol Kidu started a community project; the Sir Buri Kidu Library.

New dawn for BCL: Chairman

BCL chairman Robert Burns made the statement during their first board meeting in more than 27 years. The event was held on August 3 at Buka.

The board, led by Burns, included Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Dame Carol Kidu, Sir Moi Avei and members of BCL’s senior management team.

Burns said many everyday PNG citizens, including Bougainvilleans, are among BCL shareholders in addition to the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and Independent State of Papua New Guinea (major shareholders).

More than just an anti-violence campaign

This is the firm belief of the Awards patron, Dame Carol Kidu.

She says anti-violence is just a component in this campaign.

Being faced with many challenges, Dame Carol says social disintegration is the biggest for PNG, as a developing country. And the Men of Honour Awards is simply honouring those who are standing up and in their way, preventing or slowing that social disintegration process.

Digicel Foundation launches Men of Honour campaign

The launch kicks off another cycle of identifying male role models in communities.

The awards is anti-violence campaign initiated by Digicel PNG Foundation, to tell a different story about men in Papua New Guinea.

“In our campaign, we have opted to look for men who are champions in all host of areas. Each men have a journey and telling their story will be a hope for the next generation,” said Douveri Henao, Chairman – Digicel PNG Foundation Board.

17 Men of Honour recognised

Chief Executive Officer Beatrice Mahuru said the Men of Honour Awards is a campaign against violence, designed to recognise the efforts of men who are bringing positive change to their communities and in turn, fostering peace and promoting prosperity.

“I want to firstly thank the people who have recognised men within their own communities who are making a difference for the better. These men, despite their challenges, have invested their efforts to be a change agent in their communities, through education, sports, entrepreneurship and leadership,” Mahuru said.

Dame Carol is MoH Awards patron

The Men of Honour Awards is Digicel PNG Foundation’s innovative campaign against violence, designed to create conversation around the issue for a pendulum shift in attitudes by recognising ordinary men doing extraordinary deeds.

Digicel Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru, said she was excited to have a strong woman who has had an inspiring 15 year political career, having served Papua New Guinea with distinction in a house dominated by men, and someone who is also a passionate advocate for Human Rights.