Everyday People PNG: Fiona Lavongai

I never completed my education.

I left in the middle of Grade 10 and started working as a waitress.

From there I went to work on a diving boat, assisting as a caterer.

I then went back to school to take up tourism and hospitality but never managed to complete it.

I did a number of odd jobs until joining the Manolos Aviation as a handy girl. I would do grounds work, assist in housekeeping or any task that needed to be done. I learnt a lot of things in the process.

I work alongside pilots, engineers, operations and even nurses when it comes to medevacs. And those are my proudest moments; attending to medevacs because we are saving lives.

We help our nurses and bring our patients to the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital.

My late father was a nurse, including my mother. And though I am not certified in that area, I get to work with people who are in my parents’ profession. This gives me a lot of joy.

I still have a dream that I am working towards.

I am confident that I will get there.

  • Fiona Lavongai, Lae
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