Everyday People PNG: Vesco Gerega

I tell myself that if I progress as a pastor and have a church, I will call my church, “Kingdom Generation Church.”

I left school at grade 8. My father enrolled me in a TVET school. He also enrolled me in FODE but then I started drinking beer, smoking and taking drugs and I never completed grade 9 but I did complete my TVET.  

I wanted to change so I went and got baptized but this didn’t change me. I was still bound in this pitiful life. How will I change, I wonder?

Everyday People PNG : Tupex Jerry

I was a deacon in the church and I follow God. 

Everyday People PNG: Theresa Johan

I am fourteen years old. While I am at home, I help my mother in the trade store. We sell the basics like oil, noodles, rice and sugar and other days I help when she is selling cooked food at her market stall. When I grow up I want to become a nurse and help people when they are sick, my people here in Jiwaka.

- Theresa Johan, Jiwaka Province 

Everyday People PNG: Terry James

I left the Southern Highlands in 1998 and moved to Western Highlands in search of job opportunities. Luckily, I found a job at the Western Highlands Provincial Works office as a casual security guard. I worked there diligently and also washed fleet vehicles and doing other tasks as well. I am 43 years old and a father of four children; in 2016, I applied for a position of a regional driver and he got the job. While I always worked as a security guard, I was keen to become a driver, so while I took on the job of washing the office vehicles, I learnt how to drive.

Everyday People PNG: Mr. Kazia

I was just 17 when I started my teaching career. I graduated from Madang teachers college in 1979, and was sent in 1980 to Oro Province, to Sasembata Primary School, at the foot of Mt. Lamington.

Due to housing problems I was living with my head teacher, Mr. Gordon Veata, and another single male teacher, Mr. Timothy from North Solomon Province.

The School is located 50 metres from a cliff, below the cliff was a small stream which runs over very big rocks.

Everyday People PNG: Fiona Lavonga

I left in the middle of Grade 10 and started working as a waitress.

From there I went to work on a diving boat, assisting as a caterer.

I then went back to school to take up tourism and hospitality but never managed to complete it.

I did a number of odd jobs until joining the Manolos Aviation as a handy girl. I would do grounds work, assist in housekeeping or any task that needed to be done. I learnt a lot of things in the process.

Everyday People PNG: Yatei Sila

I was born in 1943, when the war was in Alotau.

I was born on Kwato Mission, box 14, Samarai.

I ring the bell every Sunday for the main service. I’ve been doing that since 1952.

I am also an artist.

Though I am 77 years old, I still chop firewood, cut grass and I also go fishing in the night.

  • Yatei Sila, Kwato Island, Milne Bay

Everyday People PNG: Dan Kwalam

Since I graduated as a Primary school teacher back in 1980’s, I came into Eastern Highlands and served for almost 30years and gradually became a school inspector. Right now I am an inspector for zone 1 Obura - Wonenara district. My job is actually a school inspector basic education. I take charge of elementary and primary schools. My general duty is to make submissions or reports on inspecting new sites if or ever a community wants a new school establishment.

Everyday People PNG: Belesana

My father was a shipwright there during those times. Back those times you know, you got businesses booming, you got people everywhere, you got tourist ships coming in. Back when I was kid, I saw all those things.

Everyday People PNG : Wilson Posa

I have been teaching for the last 34 years in which 20 years as a head teacher. My teaching career started off from Central and Oro province back in the late 80’s and ever since I have been teaching in various parts of PNG until my recent posting to my home province as the head teacher for Anieru Kagu Primary in the Okapa District. Despite the challenges faced in the rural setup, I have made it my duty and responsibility to teach and inspire students to become professionals and leaders of tomorrow.