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Everyday People PNG: Fiona Lavongai

I left in the middle of Grade 10 and started working as a waitress.

From there I went to work on a diving boat, assisting as a caterer.

I then went back to school to take up tourism and hospitality but never managed to complete it.

I did a number of odd jobs until joining the Manolos Aviation as a handy girl. I would do grounds work, assist in housekeeping or any task that needed to be done. I learnt a lot of things in the process.

Loop PNG tokaut long ‘Tok Pisin’ sevis

Dispela tupela rot bilong nius i bilong Digicel Media Ventures, nius han bilong Digicel PNG.  

Digicel PNG CEO Colin Stone i tokaut olsem tingting bilong tanim nius long Tok Inglis i go long Tok Pisin, em i soim laik bilong Digicel PNG long bringim ol nius i go long moa pipel bilong PNG. Em i bikpela samting long Digicel tanim nius long Tok Pisin long em i ken go klostu long ol pipel.


Loop PNG announces ‘Tok Pisin’ service

Both news platforms are owned by Digicel Media Ventures, the media arm of Digicel PNG.  

The addition of Tok Pisin-language news to its English-language content, has been described by Digicel PNG CEO Colin Stone as an important step to better engage with the majority of PNG's population.


2017 Court year in review

These new rules replace the 2002 election petition rules in the Court of Disputed Returns.  http://www.looppng.com/png-news/judiciary-releases-new-election-petition-rules-62590

Loop PNG's breakfast bites

Sir Mekere calls for EAC reinstatement


Former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, us urging Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, to reinstate the Election Advisory Committee (EAC).


Pathology laboratory open in Moresby

Loop PNG launches the Golden Ticket promotion

Loop PNG & Digicel Play have teamed up to giveaway a 1-year subscription to the Supa Plan. That’s 38 channels for 12 months for free!

Beginning March 10th, Loop PNG readers can pick up a free ticket on the Loop Pacific app for their chance to win. Just open your Loop app, collect the free digital ticket and register your contact details through the online form. Winner will be contacted on April 3rd announced on April 7th.

The UOG Acceptance list for 2017

As part of Loop PNG’s effort to reach out to our parents, students, readers and advertisers, this innovative idea helps all our users get information quickly and without hassle.

We are promoting the link to the UOG 2017 acceptance list. We are using this information courtesy of the University of Goroka.

Clink on the link for the full listing:


Loop PNG records another resounding 2.3 million viewers

Google Analytics, the world’s most renowned tool for tracking and reporting website traffic, recorded over 2.3 million page views to the Loop PNG site over the month of May alone. A massive growth of +70% from April 2016, making Loop PNG the largest provider of online news content in Papua New Guinea.

Loop PNG News Director Alfred Kaniniba said Loop PNG continues to break stories on a regular basis across all its categories, which are published on the site as the news is happening.

Loop PNG records 1 million views three months in a row

In fact, this is the third month in a row in 2016 that Loop PNG has recorded more than one million views visiting the Loop site, showing that our online news service continues to grow and expand throughout PNG and the region.

On January 31, 2016 Loop PNG recorded 1,063,859 Page Views to the site. At the end of February, which was a short month, Loop PNG recorded 1,065,437 Page Views. On March 31, 2016, Loop PNG recorded 1,073,291 despite continuous power disruptions.

WATCH: Top News 3-Feb

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