Dance Troupes For Dubai Expo

Two dance troupes have made it through the final audition of the PNG Contemporary Cultural Music Dance Troupe competition to represent the country for the World Exposition 2020 in Dubai.

The National Cultural Commission (NCC) when holding the final audition recently in Port Moresby. The competition was set up to choose only one winner, however due to certain criteria set, a tie was announced that ended in selecting two troupes, Bilas Group and the UPNG Creative Arts Group.

The troupes will be among many that will take part in a weeklong strand of events in Dubai that will give our chosen candidates the opportunity to highlight PNG’s culture and tradition in song and dance.

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Chief Executive Officer, Eric Mossman Uvovo announced the winning troupes and presented them with dummy tickets for their World Expo trip to luxurious Dubai.

“The twelve that will represent us through the outcome of this event will be the ambassadors showcasing Papua New Guinea in the many activities that will take place in Dubai.”

Carol Kidu