National Cultural Commission

PNG Splashes Paint in Darwin

This year, PNG for the time has been invited to participate in this color filled event through the support of the National Cultural Commission in partnership with Paradise Palette.

Internship program enhancing skills

They aim to increase the number of intakes and develop their manpower through human resource development.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the University of Papua New Guinea to create a student internship development pathway.

The Commission will relocate to a new office in April 2023 and increase the number of student trainees from two to four.

Oro discuss tourism with NC

Oro leaders were keen to partner with NCC to allow more effect on the provision of more cultural products and services to the people of Oro.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Isi Henry Leonard stated that the National Cultural Commission is working to revive and develop provincial cultural centres with the aim of ensuring each province to have a five-year provincial development plan.

MOU signed to promote culture and tourism

This was announced during the Events Calendar launch of the Milne Bay Provincial Cultural Centre. 

NCC Festival and Cultural Events Manager, Geno Ruben said the MOU signing between NCC and Milne Bay Provincial Government makes culture a tool to enhance the partnership between the different stakeholders, resource owners who are custodians of their distinctive cultures at all levels.

Kenu and Kundu festival revived

A launching was held at Alotau's Informal Market recently to declare the events for 2023.
This highlighted the various cultural groups, tourism, event promoters and products that will be featured in the various cultural events to appear next year from June to December.
Ten events are listed to take place starting with the Kiriwina Cultural Show on 15th June and ending with Komom'la Festival in the Trobriand Islands on 16 December.  

NCC lock in 100 Duran Farm allotments

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed last week to move this project.

The Duran Farm came about in 2014 after the National Executive Council gave the approval to implement the Public Servant Housing Program to relieve the public servants from the housing dilemma.

NHC Principal Legal Officer Abel Tol clarified that under the new management, NHC to date has actually progressed with the project.

Sios on NCC Board

With the appointment of new board members for the NCC since 2016, Ambassador Pomelau addressed that apart from being a GBV advocate, Mrs Sios brings to the board the importance of her own personal management experience and finance that would be important to the work of the Board.

“She is a woman doing a lot of work in the fashion space and over, but is recognized for running management, finances and businesses, which is an important addition to the board,” said Amb. Pomaleu.

Inaugural NCC Board Swearing-in Ceremony

The NCC was established by an Act of Parliament on 27 October 1994 to preserve, promote, develop and safeguard the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the country.

The Executive Director heads the Commission and the Commission’s Board according to respective Acts guides its cultural functions.

It has been six years since the last swearing-in ceremony of the old board on 14 April 2016 and the National Executive Council endorsed it on the 12th of October 2021, the new board sworn in speaks of the direction of change that is forthcoming.


Two years ago, NCC trekked the rugged terrains to Nete Lyaim and helped to establish a cultural center there, encouraged the people to stop tribal fights and take ownership of their culture.

In doing so, realized that basic government services like health and education were unnoticeable as there was no road accessibility.

This event marks the official opening of the airstrip in the presence of Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, NCC Executive Director Steven Kilanda and their delegates, and the Nete Lyaim community.

Kopen Festival celebrated

Executive Director of National Cultural Commission Steven Kilanda opened the Kopen Take Pii festival and congratulated community leaders for taking the initiative to register the festival.

He also commended them for establishing a cultural center in their area and thanked Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas for his leadership in ensuring culture is featured prominently in the province.

Enga boasts of a well-researched and archived cultural center known as “Take Anda or the House of Wisdom”.