WNB Governor on campaign trail fever

With four weeks remaining for the campaign period, WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has taken to task by visiting his rural people in the South Coast of West New Britain Province.

Muthuvel visited places like Pililo and other outer islands of the south coast.

With the focus on his key priority areas, Muthuvel is confident in returning for the second term.

His key priority areas include:

  1. Self-Empowering Rural Population through Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Industries to Create Employment opportunities;
  2. Decentralisation of Oil Palm Industries (Small Scale Milling of Oil Palm, Copra, etc.);
  3. Education for everyone;
  4. Safe  and Clean Drinking Water;
  5. Rural Electrification using renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Steam);
  6. Acceptable Healthy Facility;
  7. Empowering Law and Order and Village Court;
  8. Improve Transport Facilities (Road, Bridges, Jetty, Air strip); and
  9. Improve communication in the province (Radio, Telecommunication)

Meanwhile, Provincial Administrator, Williamson Hosea has  confidence in Governor Muthuvel’s return for his second term.

He said Muthuvel, unlike other past governors has delivered to the people of WNB.

He added that Governor Muthuvel has really committed with his campaign slogan ‘Reaching the unreached’ and delivered to the rural people.

Picture courtesy of Governor Sasindran Muthuvel

Freddy Mou