UNICEF concern for children

On International Child Protection Day observed globally at the start of this month, UNICEF is deeply concerned by the involvement of children in election campaigns in Papua New Guinea.

“Children involved in political rallies are vulnerable to violence, road accidents and unhealthy behaviour, such as the use of alcohol,” said Dr. Claudes Kamenga, UNICEF Representative, Papua New Guinea.  
“UNICEF calls upon politicians as well as parents and caregivers to ensure that no child is exposed to unnecessary harm and that the political campaign is conducted respecting the rights of children.”   
Papua New Guinea ratified the Convention on the right of the child (CRC) in 1993 and as such has committed to uphold its principles. Children’s right to freedom of expression, assembly and the right to civil and political participation are enshrined in the CRC. 

While enjoying these rights, children also have the right to protection from manipulation, exploitation and abuse; the right to privacy; and the right to education which could be at stake if a child misses or drops out of school to participate in election campaigns.

Frieda Kana