Police operation for NCD Elections on track

The police operations for the 2017 National Elections in the NCD has been finalised and will be delivered as per the order.

The NCD metropolitan police commander Ben Turi has given this assurance when confirming with PNG Loop that his 1,700 police personnel are on standby to deliver the operations.

He says that all NCD polling booths have been confirmed with his operations staff with scheduled personnel to be assigned to man them.

“There will be a minimum of ten officers stationed at the polling sites,” he adds.

There will also be road blocks set up at randomly assigned locations throughout Port Moresby as a lead up, present and wrap up of the campaign, polling and counting period in the city.

Turi called on all intending candidates to Campaign in an honest way and reminded the public to be mindful of the choices that they make.

Meanwhile, all operations are now in full swing as lead up road blocks and patrols have started in anticipation of the nominations opening this Thursday in the nation’s capital.



Julianna Waeda