Nominations In POM Continue

As of 9:30 this morning fourteen candidates have nominated for the Moresby North West Seat (12 male, 2 female); five nominations for Moresby South Seat (4 male, 1 female); and forty-seven for Moresby North East Seat (43 male, 4 female).

Vincent Manukayasi, MNW Returning Officer says the number of nominations will likely change by close of nominations on Thursday May 26.

Bill George MNE Returning Officer said nominations continue without much inconvenience at the Unagi Oval.

On Friday May 20, nominee and Independent Candidate Nelson Harabe of Ward 9 failed to file his nomination as his nomination fee had not been paid prior. The candidate arrived at Unagi Oval to pay the nomination fee but was told that could not happen.

RO George said Mr Harabe returned on Monday May 23 and nominated successfully.  

The general public however have voiced frustrations through social media regarding convoys of vehicles carrying supporters of certain candidates that have been a major cause for traffic congestion, petty crimes and rowdy mob mentality where huge crowds are gathered.

At 8 mile yesterday, young men supposedly directing vehicles at a rally point tried to open doors of  vehicles that who were unable to move because of the crowd.

Safety is paramount; one social media user who asked to not be named says that safety is of great importance. And encourages that citizens need to move around with purpose to avoid getting into accidents or falling prey to undesirable circumstances throughout this election period.

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