Muthuvel retains WNB Governor seat

Sasindran Muthuvel has retain his seat as Governor for West New Britain Province.

After the 16th exclusion, Muthuvel polled above the absolute majority of 43,402 by 1,287 votes with a total of 44,689.

He was declared at 7pm last night by the Provincial Returning Officer, Emily Kelton. 

Runner up was Chris Paul Lagisa who polled 26,764.

Speaking to Loop PNG after his declaration, Muthuvel thanked all his supporters in West New Britain and committed to continue to deliver services to his people.

With his theme “Reaching the unreached and Touching the untouch” Muthuvel has dedicated his victory to the people of WNB.

“Let me offer all Glories to God. This election personally taught me a lot of lessons, such as patience, perseverance, humility and to have faith in God.

“During our first term we learned many things by mistake, but in the second term there is no room for mistakes. People expect us to serve them effectively without any favoritism.

“Our work is only just beginning, in fact the most important work lays ahead. Our people still need many services delivered to them, infrastructure built and lives changed.”

The Governor elect urged supporters not to celebrate irresponsibly with too much alcohol but to spend time with family and fellow people of West New Britain.

“Reflect on our journey so far, evaluate the lessons we learnt during this time and work at improving ourselves.”

Muthuvel is a Peoples National Congress candidate.

Freddy Mou