Morobe update: Over 70 nominate on day 6

The Morobe Provincial Electoral Commission reported that over 70 candidates nominated on day 6 of nominations yesterday.

Among the 78 that nominated for the 11 seats in Morobe were an additional three regional candidates, bringing the total number of regional candidates to 33, compared to only 25 in the 2017 general elections.

Former Bulolo MP, Samson Napo, has now raised his hand to contest the regional seat under the People’s Progress Party.

The 69-year-old, who is from Buang, contested for the Bulolo Open seat in the 2017 elections as an independent candidate.

Apart from Napo, the other two hopefuls are independent candidates, Nani Sumni Gigiong and Gregory Masing.

By the end of day 6 of nominations (Wednesday, May 25th), 271 Morobe candidates have nominated to contest the 2022 elections.

Nominations will close this afternoon at 4.06pm.

(Former Bulolo MP, Samson Napo, going through the nomination process yesterday with the Assistant Election Manager for Morobe Province, Fredah Joses)

Carmella Gware