Over 190 Candidates In Morobe

So far, 193 candidates have nominated to contest the 11 seats in Morobe Province.

This figure is a cumulative total from Thursday, May 19th to Tuesday, May 24th. Morobe Province had nine electorates until the recent split of Bulolo district, which will see candidates vying for the new Wau-Waria seat.

The Morobe seats in contention for the 2022 national general elections are: Morobe regional, Bulolo, Finschhafen, Huon Gulf, Kabwum, Lae, Markham, Menyamya, Nawaeb, Tewai-Siassi and Wau-Waria.

According to the Morobe Provincial Electoral Commission, Lae district nominations have been quiet and without much fanfare, compared to 2017.

By the end of Tuesday, 24th of May, 30 candidates have nominated to contest the regional seat, compared to only 25 in 2017.

Among those regional candidates is incumbent governor, Ginson Saonu, who is expected to get stiff competition from former governors, Songang Luther Wenge and Kasiga Kelly Naru.

The four female regional candidates are; Jennifer Baing, Sheila Harou, Zuabe Tinning and Fingkewec Zurecnuoc.

Nominations will close tomorrow at 4.06pm.


Carmella Gware