Goilala ballot boxes yet to be extracted

Polling in Goilala Open is complete in all three LLG’s - Guari, Tapini and Woitape, however extraction of ballot papers remains an issue.

Returning officer Theodore Maia said every LLG is waiting for the extraction of ballot papers. 

“Yesterday we brought in Tapini’s 28 boxes. There is still two more to come down. For Guari they are still in the Guari area. Their boxes will have to be flown to Tapini station and then to Port Moresby. That is 20 boxes. For Woitape, that’s 32 boxes that need to be airlifted from the polling areas to Woitape station and down to Port Moresby,” Maia said.

The process of extraction goes from the respective polling locations to the main stations like Tapini and Woitape and then to Port Moresby for counting. However, polling officials have been waiting for a week now for ballot boxes to the brought in to LLG stations and onto Port Moresby. 

Maia added that candidates are already complaining about the delay in moving ballot boxes to LLG stations and onward for counting.

Loop Author