ESP Police strict with liquor ban

Police in East Sepik will be strict with the alcohol ban in the province during the election period. According to provincial police commander Supt Albert Beli, the sale of alcohol in the province will be restricted.

From May 12 to May 19 only hotels will be allowed to sell alcohol. The PPC added that from May 19 to July 29, there will be a complete ban on the sale of alcohol.

Beli who is also part of the Liquor Licensing board in the province said, “We (Provincial Liquor Licensing Board) are mindful of small business owners who may be affected by the ban, but it is only for a short term.”

“Anybody (outlet) who defies the restrictions or ban will be severely dealt with.

“Police will also be keeping a close eye on homebrew producers.

“We want a peaceful election and no disruptions,” he said.

He added that police in East Sepik will be doing a clean-up and reorganising the Wewak town police station as part of its preparation for the general election. This started today.

PPC Beli said they would also be using the holding cells at the station in town, in order to free up space at the holding cell at Caltex.

Beli currently has a strength of 399 police personnel. He is expecting additional manpower from outside of East Sepik.

Sylvester Wemuru