​Peaceful Eastern Highlands election atmosphere: Police

Since the start of election nominations in the Eastern Highlands Province, the atmosphere has been very peaceful.

Eastern Highlands election manager, Steven Kaupa, confirms that the province has nine electorates where over 300 candidates are contesting either for the regional or the eight electorate seats.

Kaupa said the campaign period, for some reason, has been too quiet.

He commended the security and provincial policing partners for making sure the campaign period was very peaceful.

Kaupa also extended his gratitude to the EHP Provincial Police Commander, Alex N’ drasel, adding that they have a good police partnership network with the Electoral commission in Eastern Highlands.

“As a result, our awareness has been very good and so far, the same goes for the campaign period in the province.”

Kaupa said awareness is still going on even though the campaign period is on and this is to make sure that everybody understands and is aware of the importance of their constitutional right to vote.

Annette Kora