Eastern Highlands election manager

Kaupa confident with EHP counting

Steven Kaupa expressed his confidence last week in Goroka during the early preparation of the country venue.
Speaking from NSI Counting centre, Kaupa said counting has been organized in LLGS of the 8 districts.

Kaupa said LLGs from Daulo to Goroka, Unggai-Bena, Lufa, Okapa, Henganofi, Kainantu and Obura-Waninara is progressing. 

Organising the counting in LLGs is fast tracking the process.

​Peaceful Eastern Highlands election atmosphere: Police

Eastern Highlands election manager, Steven Kaupa, confirms that the province has nine electorates where over 300 candidates are contesting either for the regional or the eight electorate seats.

Kaupa said the campaign period, for some reason, has been too quiet.

He commended the security and provincial policing partners for making sure the campaign period was very peaceful.