PJV supports COVID-19 awareness efforts

A Porgera District Coronavirus Task Force Committee has been established and is actively conducting awareness throughout the Valley on the deadly virus and the Government’s State of Emergency (SoE) Orders .

Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) is supporting the Porgera Coronavirus Task Force Committee by providing fuel and logistics support including the provision of information materials and community radio awareness on Covid 19.

The District Coronavirus Task Force committee comprises membership of the local police, district health, Paiam hospital, Ipili Council of Churches, District Administration, Porgera Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Restoring justice Initiative (RJI) and PJV.

The district awareness efforts stem from the provincial task force consultations in Wabag last week on Covid-19, as per directives of the SoE Controller.

Porgera District Health Manager and Committee Chairperson Jerry Maku said with the districts experience of having recorded initial outbreak cases of other disease in the past, they are vigorously delivering awareness on the coronavirus with emphasis on the need for people to stay at home during the lock down period and wash their hands.

“We have been carrying out awareness on Covid 19 in the district since March 24 with the assistance of PJV and security personnel on the ground.

 “This is a new and deadly disease and although our health workers are not adequately equipped with the appropriate safety requirements, we are doing everything to deliver education and awareness on prevention of the coronavirus,” Mr Maku said.

The task force team has been conducting awareness throughout the Special Mine Lease (SML) villages of Mungulep, Pakien, Panadaka, Yarik and Kulapi including the Porgera Station, Paiam town, Tipinini and Kairik communities.

Porgera Police Station Commander (PSC) Senior Sergeant Jack Kimala said in line with the SoE Controller’s directives to the Provincial Police Commander and onto the district, several measures have been implemented in the Valley to prevent the incursion and spread of the Covid-19.

These include a control checkpoint set up at the Maip Boom Gate to restrict people movement into the district, disbanding non-essential SME’s, markets and social/public gatherings and ensuring through awareness, facts on how the virus spreads and what people must do to protect themselves and their families.

While shops remain open, PSC Kimala said the transportation of basic food and critical supplies into the Valley will be monitored under strict protocol and security checks.

“These measures are being effected to safeguard us all. My appeal to people is to stay in your own districts and homes. There will be no unnecessary entry into Porgera unless the directives from the National Controller change.

“I appeal again to the public to please cooperate and have some understanding during this time. Again, please remain indoors and I appeal to everyone to be responsible for your own health and safety and take heed of the prevention awareness,” PSC Kimala said.

The district task force team will continue with reinforcing the SoE directives and conduct awareness within the district until such time new directives have been issued by the national controller of the SoE.

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